Earthquake Borneo

5th June 2015, Friday-  School holidays still on that time (first weeks), and I didn't need to woke up that earlier as school days. So that earlier morning as usual I doing my things. I do warm-up and physical exercises for 30 mint. before I manage the exercise i had to clean up a couple of chick and give they food... Yeah, like others mum do, dyer my laundry at back yard etc. so on.

Then after that I finished my exercise at 7.10 am like that, I heard the noise chick and birds at the back of my back yard. I have a look but nothing actually scared of the chick. Only the birds fly off from my neighbor roof , so really not care. So i needed to shower before going to work.

As I was in a bath/shower room, I felt a bit dizzy for a few second (first wave). I think it probably causing from the exercise. Then the second wave, I saw the door and hanger door swing. I shocked and run to my bed room and wake up my hubby and kids. I was panic. It was fast and shocked. :(

My hubby shocked and as…

Murut Nabai -Intro

Hello again, before I forgotten all about the stories from my granny (decease) so I blog in here the stories for my younger generation to read or anyone love to know.
Let me introduce to you my great great grandfather on my father side was came from the Murut Nabai Tribe from Kg. Keningau, Keningau. Murut Nabai also known as tribal Murut Nabai from flat ground hinterland at North Borneo as well (head hunter). They good hunter at big forest too and practice witch craft (those old days, now mostly already having they own religious and not longer practice the witch craft anymore).
She said they wedding was decided by they parents as young age (cant recalled) and by these day they falling in love and married with they choose bride/groom. That was another stories to be tell.
Murut Nabai these day famous with the traditional dance with bamboo called "Mangunatip" and "Manggalang".  From my granny stories story (before she pass away) the dancer was perform during certain …

My Homemade Green Bean Sprout or Taugeh

Hi again..

To day i'm sharing from my kitchen food. Basically i knowing this a long time already, done it. Only lazy make me stop. But here again i think i started again to feel being like have my own plant of food. So on last Saturday, I had soaked the green bean and close it with no light directed in the bowl. I use big steel bowl and a basket with small hole that can drain the water.
The reason that i used it with the whole because it easier for me to replace the water everyday.

This fresh taugeh can be harvest on the 3rd day.. and to your cooking dish. So yummy and fresh when cook with garlic or ikan masin (salted fish) or ketiau goreng (fied noodle). This method was a good idea for mum that's not often go out to fresh market for veggie also saving more money..
That's for now,.. happy Wednesday.
Just Me Nora oxoxox

Green Pickles Ham Choy Vegetable Homemade

My weekend on 8th March 2015, doing my homemade Green Pickles Ham Choy vegetable. That the only name I knew so far, I not sure in other name..
I bought a big bag of this bitter veggie as cheaper this hot season at Cybrecity pasar sayur, along Jalan Lintas. I guess it probably in around 2-3kg for RM3 each bag. So I manage to do as in the picture. This can be cooked after 7-14 days...
These veggie very popular in Chinese but these day everyone know and love to eat & cooking this dish at Sabah. Me and my family also love it when cook with pork (non-halal) or chicken or fish soup. I get the recipe from my step mum, which very helpful and DIY. If bought out side at pasar only RM1.50 or RM2.00 for 100~200gm  for a few stalk of veggie.
When doing this can be last for months and more saver.. That for my weekends, that always full. I forgotten to take a pic before and during i made this. Perhaps next blog I will updated.

Just Me Nora


Well, I guess everyone know what it this. Where my parents grown up a lot of this growing everywhere at Keningau, Sabah (also known as Borneo or a part of Malaysia). But what I can see it,

This spies usually used to food  such as curry, dessert, buns and drinks such hot coca, tea, coffee. and many more. I will looking into it. I have been taste into a tea before, the aromatic test and hot sweet savory.You gotta try it.

Amazingly this is also have other benefits too. The is a numerous studies in healthy :
1. It's regulates blood sugar. To control diabetic and glucose. This also great news who want to stable energy level and mood.Is also known as reducing Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) Cholesterol level. This will may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.It has natural anti-infectious compounds.  In studies, cinnamon has been effective against ulcer-causing H. pylori bacteria and other pathogens It reduces pain linked to arthritis.In other research it also may reduce the p…

6 months pass

now my baby boy is growing. Busying my day for all my children, wives things.. it's been long time havent update my blog. now i try my best to blogging my stuff.
Recently my hobby expanded to flower potting to baking. This is the thing i always wanna do. Serving to my kiddy that so many  needed and like and dont. Trying my best to let them know even they got bro i still love them too.
We... i mean my hubby and i doing some renovation for new bedroom. i will publish soon the picture of they wall.

Thats for now.. see ya again

My Little Hiro

Here i wanna share my little boy, Hiro Peter Yu Jie Hong.  He born on 3th December 2012 at 2.22pm on my 40 weeks of pregnancy. Born at Damai Specialist Hospital by Doc. Lim. His weight is 3.33kg and got a Mongolian mark on his left eye brows. Small, but I'm happy he healthy. So sorry a bite late to updates my blog..
Here i posted one of his picture taken shortly a minutes or second after i  delivery. Taken by my hubby... Later on i will let u know my delivery stories which i had to do surgery to let him out... God bless..