Earthquake Borneo

5th June 2015, Friday-  School holidays still on that time (first weeks), and I didn't need to woke up that earlier as school days. So that earlier morning as usual I doing my things. I do warm-up and physical exercises for 30 mint. before I manage the exercise i had to clean up a couple of chick and give they food... Yeah, like others mum do, dyer my laundry at back yard etc. so on.

Then after that I finished my exercise at 7.10 am like that, I heard the noise chick and birds at the back of my back yard. I have a look but nothing actually scared of the chick. Only the birds fly off from my neighbor roof , so really not care. So i needed to shower before going to work.

As I was in a bath/shower room, I felt a bit dizzy for a few second (first wave). I think it probably causing from the exercise. Then the second wave, I saw the door and hanger door swing. I shocked and run to my bed room and wake up my hubby and kids. I was panic. It was fast and shocked. :(

My hubby shocked and asking why I am panic as he stand up from the bed as I told him wake up let's go out- earthquake faster! fast wake.. then he felt the third wave more vibrate than the second vibrate. He also surprise with the vibration he feel. I just grab my boy and run down to outside. My daughters also follow my back running. I'm hearing loud noise from the roof. Gosh that was scary. I saw the clock 7.14 am as I running through to the living room. When we reach out side house, I can see everyone in neighborhood was also outside they house and the vibrating wave stop.

Thank GOD, everyone is safe and there is no damage at neighbor nor ours house.

We go to work as usual and the trauma was still there, my heart beat was running wild. My head at home and I was at work.
I saw the news from friends Via Watsapp and Facebook, it was 6.1 s.r. from Mt. Kinabalu. Some new mention was 5.9 or 6.0.

This wasn't my first earthquake but this one more stronger than my previous one only light wave like dizzy only. (which i cant recalled when the last i had before)

But I also heard about the news about stranded people that hiking at Mt. Kinabalu. Will be on my next stories.


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